- Rifle Field Target Rules


      How the Game Works

      Shoot at a metal target referred to as a "knock down." The knock down will have a string leading back to the firing line. This string allows the target to be reset and fired at again. The object is to get as many targets to fall as possible throughout the course. This game can be very challenging. Shooters who know their trajectory will find themselves doing really well. Targets will be placed from as close as 10 yards to 55 yards. The kill zone sizes on the targets are 3/8 to 2 inches.

      Not Much Gear Needed

      1) Bring a cushion to sit on and your air gun. It can be a special field target cushion or it can be an old boat seat. A cushion just needs to be six inches or less. The idea is to have a firm enough support for your self while holding the rifle in the sitting position. If shooting standing, then no cusion is needed.

      2) Fire 2 shots at a metal target called a "knock down". The shooter has to make the pellet travel through a small hole and hit a paddle behind it. If the target falls, mark 1 point on the score card. If a miss, then mark it accordingly.

      3) Work your way around the course with 2 targets per lane, and one has just completed a match. Sounds easy. It is, and a great way to meet new people and enjoy a relatively safe sport. So give us a call or email.


Club Information

Below are some very important links that have helped a great many shooters understand the basic principles to shooting.

Video on field target positions



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