Airgun Reviews

Ronnie Report 

air rifle reviews 
airgun rifle reviews reviews 
pyramidair reviews 
RWS & theoben tests

Ballistics, Engergy Calculators, Scientific

Airgun ballistics (article) 
Airgun ballistics (scientific article) 
Ballistic Coefficient (calculator) 
Chairgun (Pellet Trajectory Calculator) 
Energy & Trajectory retention (calculator) 
FPE/FPS/ GRAIN/GRAM (Calculator / converter) 
Impact velocity (calculator) 
Various airgun related (calculators / converters) 
Wind drift (calculator)

Classifieds / Used Airguns & Auctions

American Airguns Ads (very active) 
Auction Arms (bidding / auction site) 
Crosman Airgun Classifieds (crosman items) 
Gun (bidding / auction site) 
Kitchen’s Board of Inquiry (sales history of US airgunners) 
Yellow Forum Classifieds (very active) 

Custom Airguns & Parts

Archer airguns (Chinese rifles & acc.) (crosman tuning parts) 
Brian & ac. (performance parts & accessories) 
Corsair (Randy’s .308) (High power rifle) 
Dave G (High end custom build rifles) 
Desert PCP tunes (crosman tuning parts) 
Gargoyle (High power rifles) 
GL Barnes (The Rolls Royce of airrifles) 
Haley (High power rifles) 
JDSairman (Need more air?) 
Joe Korick (high end custom parts) 
Mountain Air Custom Airguns (custom made airguns) (crosman tuning parts) 
Pacific Pellet Guns (custom built pellet guns) 
Quackerbush (high power rifles & pistols) 
Rich in Mich (custom made parts) 
Talon tunes (custom airforce rifles & parts) 
TKO Airguns (parts & accessories for airguns) 
Vortek Products (“Do it yourself” tuning kits)

Custom Stocks & Grips

Airgun Stocks

Boyds riflestocks 

Dave G Stocks 
RB grips 
Richards microfit 
Woods & Water outdoors  

High End Optics

arcadian sales 

Hawke Optics 


Printable Targets

airgun targets 
printable targets 
rifle & pistol targets 
varmint al   

Video Clips (couple of nice videoclips) 
FX challenge (promo video) 
FX challenge (promo video) 
youtube big bore shoot USA big bore competition 
youtube pyramid channel (lots and lots of clips) 
pyramidair video reviews (lots of review)   





NorCal Regional Grand Prix, Mar 26-Dec 1, 2016

Registration & Schedule
NorCal, Diablo, Ione, Yolo
NorCal, Diablo, Ione, Yolo


NorCal Airgunners Club